Ugh. My bikini is not my friend today.

Oh well! Time for some brunchin and some beachin.


I’m going to the beach today. Stand by for spam.

Notes about this week.

- T 25 week one was a flop. I went strong for 3 days, and then lost it. I was fighting a kidney infection this week though, that’s kind of sucked all the steam out of me. I’ll try again starting Monday. And the week after that, if necessary, but I won’t move on to week 2 until I’ve successfully completed week 1. Or to week 3 if week 2 was cheated. I’m GOING to do this, dammit. 

- Not having the best body image week. It’s not great. I really just need someone to cuddle me and tell me I’m pretty. :/

- All of the big changes that are coming up in the next few months are making me very anxious. I still don’t know where I’m moving, and so I can’t start to plan and that’s driving me nuts. I don’t know when I get to see my Handsome next, so there’s no end in the distance, and THAT’s driving me nuts. I’m just going nuts. 


I’m sick of your shenanigans, body.


I’m sick of your shenanigans, body.

Anonymous asked: Ok so last night 4 of us went to a restaurant & they charged 10 per person for sitting at the table, then told us it was mandatory each person buy a minimum of $20 worth of food when originally we were all going to buy an appetizer & split it. We each buy a $20 meal & then begins our bad service which i stated before. We get our bill & pay on our cards & leave a cash tip. To be continued ..

Ok, look.

Idk what kind of weird restaurant you went to, but any mandatory fees like that are usually well advertised before you choose to eat there. You also could have left.

Automatic service fees don’t go to the server. So it’s not like your seating fee was part of the tip. Especially after all the anti-auto-gratuity tax laws that went into effect this year.

I read all three of your messages and it sounds like you had a really shitty experience. I’m sorry you had to deal with that, but I’m never going to approve not tipping.

If you wanna keep talkin about this, I welcome you to come off anon. I don’t bite and I don’t want to ignore you. But I would like to stop spamming my blog with this conversation.

Anonymous asked: Im trying not to come off as rude & i hope im not bugging you. But ive actually always been a good tipper & i always try to leave at least 15% unless the service is really bad, my only problem is that lately ive noticed so many servers have a sense of entitlement almost.. Like they dont have to give good service at all & they still just deserve a big tip. Plenty of workers are underpaid, not just waitors & imo if they dont deserve a good tip they shouldnt get one

Look, I’m not saying all servers deserve 20-30% plus always. Some servers are terrible. I get that. But they still deserve 10%.

You ever think (and I’m just playing devil’s advocate here) that maybe, just maybe, the bad attitudes and shitty service you’ve been noticing lately are the result of dozens upon dozens upon dozens of guests who feel equally entitled to not tip?

You really want me to kiss ass and give you my best if you’re gonna leave me less than 10% or nothing? How degrading is that?!

I’m glad you say that you usually tip well. Keep it up.

Anonymous asked: Your assuming by bad i mean slow. Yesterday the server was slow, the food was terrible, the server was rude, and forgot several things at our table. We had to ask for water 3 times before any was brought out. And the place was not packed & there were plenty of servers. I also deserve to have to pay extra money for horrible service just bc the person has the misfortune of having to work as a waiter. Your underpaid & it sucks, but that isnt the customers fault

The food sucking is not your servers fault. We don’t cook the food. The slow service may or may not have been your servers fault.

The water and forgetting things….eh, yeah. Sorry man. Some servers really do suck. But does that mean THEY deserve to lose money? Hell nope. That’s why the 10% tip exists. It’s the bare minimum necessary to make sure your server is *maybe* hitting minimum wage for that hour.

Its a terrible part of American culture but until it’s changed it’s also kind of necessary. 10% won’t break your bank, and if it does you probably shouldn’t be eating out anyway.

I’m not going to change your mind, and I respect that, but I encourage you maybe try and be less narrow minded. Go work as a server for one month this summer, just for perspective.

But at the same time I’m never, EVER going to say “oh, yeah, that sounds like a really good reason to not tip” because not tipping at all makes you a huge dick.

Anonymous asked: Why should people tip if the service is bad

Ok. So here’s the thing - 

I’m assuming you sent this to me because you read one of my “Waitress Chronicles”, presumably the one I wrote ABOUT tipping. 

The fact that you’re sending me this message means you didn’t *really* read it. I suggest you do. I know it’s long, but it’s worth it. If you’re really gonna be stubborn about it  though here’s a reader’s digest:

Your waitress makes $2.13 an hour if she’s lucky. Some places it’s less. 

"Bad" or "Slow" service is often your perception. Last night, for example, I was at dinner with my grandmother and our waitress was taking FOREVERRRRRRR. After looking around and being aware of my surroundings, however, I realized that there were about 20-22 seated tables, and exactly 3 servers. She was ridiculously busy. So her service wasn’t “Bad”, she was just up to her eyeballs in pasta and it wasn’t her fault. Why would I not tip just for that?

In another example, where I was the waitress, I only had 3 tables and we were slow, but my table wanted to use a coupon for a discount, which needs a managers approval. When we’re slow, there’s only one manager in the restaurant. And that poor woman was swamped. There was a problem with one of the grills, two cooks were late, our dishwasher quit, someone just called to RSVP a party of 40 and she was desperately trying to get more servers to work that night, and there were 2 other servers already waiting to get something from her just like me. 

So it took me a while. Was that my fault? Not even a little bit.

I’m not saying leave 50%. If you’re truly dissatisfied, leave 10%. If you leave less than 10%, after taxes and tip out your server loses money. And no matter how poor you think the service was, your server does not deserve to pay for you to eat in their section. 

muaythaikleine asked: They are pretty and pretty strong, not huge.

Well, thank you. I just see them as strong, and large. My thighs have always and forever been my biggest insecurity. 

Anonymous asked: holy crap. how thick are your legs!! what are your measurements?

Um. This is kind of awkward. 

22” mid thigh, 27” upper….I think. Idk. Haven’t measured for a while. :/

They’re huge. 

Anonymous asked: do we not get miniskirt selfies?!

Phone died at dinner, so here’s some shitty macbook pictures of my thunder thighs and my favorite skirt. 




Grandma and I are going out to dinner tonight to celebrate Easter since I’ll be working all weekend. I came downstairs in a black/white miniskirt.

She said “that looks so good on you now that you’re skinny”.

I don’t know if I should be more flattered or insulted.

Imma mark it as a win.


No T-25 today. 

I’m on a medication for a kidney infection that’s making me feel like crap. I’ve been a useless blob all day. 

I hate that I’m modifying the program in the first week, but it is what it is. I’ll do today’s workout tomorrow, and the suggested double workout for Fridays on Saturday. My rest days this week are just gonna be today and Sunday instead of Saturday/Sunday, and I’ll resume as usual on Monday. 

Good plan, Dani.

thebuffbaker asked: I generally don't actually pass these things on, but: When you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly, and then send to 10 of your favourite followers.

- I am a very good friend.

- I’m learning and developing into a really great therapist.

- I’m very intelligent, and I’m so proud of that. I used to think that it made me “weird” or that my intelligence was something to hide and be ashamed of, but I’ve finally grown to be confident in it.

- I’m incredibly loyal to my principles, my family, my boyfriend…loyalty and integrity are two traits I am the most proud of.

- I write very well. It’s a skill I’m excited to hone and develop further in the near future.

This was much harder than I thought it would be.

This, unfortunately, is the crap that is being spread all over my Facebook right now by some guy pushing some miracle liquid diet. 

It makes me SO angry, but boyyyy do I know better than to say anything.

This, unfortunately, is the crap that is being spread all over my Facebook right now by some guy pushing some miracle liquid diet.

It makes me SO angry, but boyyyy do I know better than to say anything.

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